Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) department is responsible for managing external communication and the public image of The City of La Marque. This involves building and maintaining positive relationships with various stakeholders, such as community partners, employees, investors, media outlets, and the general public.

The PR department uses various communication channels, such as our Municipal TV Station, press releases, social media, newsletters, events, and community interviews, to promote The City of La Marque's community business, the legislative process, reputation, and brand image. They also monitor and analyze public opinion and media coverage to identify potential issues or opportunities for public distribution. 

The PR department has a modern developed skillset to ensure that all communication efforts are aligned and consistent across The City of La Marque.

This department also provides crisis management services, such as preparing for and responding to negative publicity or reputational threats. Overall, the PR department is critical in shaping public perception and creating a positive image for The City of La Marque.


PEG stands for Public, Educational, and Governmental, and local governments or community organizations often operate PEG TV channels to provide programming that serves the public interest. These channels typically offer a mix of programming, including live coverage of local government meetings, educational content, and community events.

The programming on La Marque, TX's Municipal PEG TV channel may include coverage of city council meetings, local news and events, public safety information, educational programming, and other content related to the community.

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    J.B. Pritchett

    Deputy City Manager




Watch local municipal meetings, event coverage, recorded La Marque football games, and other local PEG (Public Education & Government) city content. 

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La Marque Local Comcast Channel 16.

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