We encourage our citizens to help keep La Marque ‘lit” by reporting Streetlight outages in your neighborhood.   Please use the direct links provided to report the outage.   The Service Provider will complete a Work Order and replace the light within 2-3 weeks, typically,   If the streetlight request is not completed after one month, you are welcome to contact Public Works through Request Tracker and we will follow up with the particular Service Provider.

The Public Works Department is currently working on a City-wide analysis of the current street lighting and determining locations where additional lights are needed.   This process will take a few years to complete as we begin installation on larger streets needing lights for safety reasons and then begin to add lights in residential neighborhoods.   Adding streetlights must be planned and financed, so the process will require patience from our citizens, but we are on the path to improving lighting for safe street initiatives and the general public.


Streets Division

Streetlight Maintenance



The City of La Marque does not maintain streetlights in the City, they are owned and operated by two (2) different power providers. Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) services the majority of the City, the entire east side (east of 1-45), and the southwest portion of the City; CenterPoint Energy (CPE) has a much smaller area – generally, the northwest section, including the new subdivisions of Saltgrass and Delany Cove. There are currently 1128 streetlights in the City.

The attached Map provides the service locations for both providers.

  1. Streetlights (STL) outages can be reported by various methods.
    1. Citizens can report directly to the Service Provider using links on their websites or links provided by our Website on the Streetlights page with Public Works.
    2. Citizens can submit a notification through Request Tracker
    3. LMPD reports STL outages during their overnight patrols.
    4. PW staff or City staff can report outages when they discover them at night.
  2. The preferred method for reporting is direct to Service Provider since Public Works has no authority with the service provider to schedule the work.
  3. The normal turnaround time for STL replacement is 12-15 days.
  4. The City recently entered into agreements with TNMP & CPE to convert existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) or Mercury Vapor (MV) lights to LED (Light Emitting Diode) style.
  5. The conversion from HPS / VP to LED is anticipated to take 2-3 years.
  6. Public Works is currently in the process of adding streetlights in areas where additional lighting is needed. This is a long-term multi-phase process that will take 2-5 years.
  7. Residential reporting of needed or desired streetlights is maintained on a database.
  8. TNMP submits a Quarterly Report for STL maintenance. CPE will follow similar procedures.
  9. TMNP has 709 STL – which none were LED as of 1/1/22
  10. CPE has 419 STL, of which 298 are already LED, leaving 121 to covert to LED



TNMP Website STL Reporting Link:


CPE Website – STL Reporting Link: service/electric-outage-center/report-streetlight-outages?sa=ho

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