401 Laurel

IMG_4876_Photo of 401 Laurel

For the past several years, residential and commercial expansion has been concentrated on the west side of town. New neighborhoods and business developments in the Wal-Mart complex have resulted in sustained growth for La Marque. But, the historic heart of the city lies on the east side where City Hall, Economic Development Corporation, Police Department and Public Library thrive.

La Marque is experiencing a Renaissance. The city's leaders are committed to city-wide revitalization projects, one of which is revitalization of our historic Central Business District located on Laurel Street, from Bayou Road to Yupon Drive and 1st Street, from Bayou Road to Highway 3. This area of town has been dubbed the Renaissance District.

After months of careful planning, focus groups and studies, the first of many construction projects began in early 2018. LMEDC invested nearly a million dollars into an exterior renovation at 401 Laurel Street and have half the building leaded to a coffee shop. 

This project was the first step in creating an attractive destination for La Marque residents, and is intended to refocus business development toward the City's urban core. These continued efforts are  driven by principles of place making, walkability and accessibility and is designed to draw coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment.

401 End Cap Restaurant Space
Rendering 401 Laurel