Practice Water Conservation



La Marque's mission is to effectively manage the City's water supply, production, and distribution system in order to meet water supply needs and to provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds state and federal regulations; to review the design and construction of water facilities; to ensure the adequacy of the water system; to meet projected growth requirements; and to identify and meet consumer needs and expectations. The City plans and executes activities necessary to provide expected quality services to the citizens so that all can enjoy a high quality of life.


La Marque's City's Water Conservation Plan objectives are to improve the efficiency of water use through practices and techniques that will reduce water consumption, reduce summertime usage, especially during dry weather, reduce water loss and increase water reuse. 

It is also the goal of La Marque is to expand and improve the Water Conservation Plan to achieve a one percent reduction per year in total gallons per capita per day (gpcd) over the next five (5) and ten-year ( 10) periods. The one percent reduction per year is recommended by the Texas State Water Conservation Implementation Task Force.

GCWA 10 Ways to Conserve Water