Information Technology

About the Department

The City of La Marque's Information Technology (IT) Department oversees the City's use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations, and its delivery of services to the public. The IT Department works to improve efficiency through technology, and to make communication with the City straightforward and clear.


The IT Department provides acquisition and maintenance for many areas.

Disaster Recovery Plan

The department establishes an ongoing effort to insure that there are contracts, agreements and plans in place to rebuild and / or replace any critical system within 48 hours of a disaster. This includes:

  • Agreements with current vendors to supply equipment
  • Contracts for offsite storage of backups
  • Contracts for on site and off site replacement equipment
  • Services in the event of a disaster plans to utilize these contracts and agreements efficiently when an event occurs

Enterprise Licensing Coordination

IT provides record keeping and requisition of enterprise licenses for software products to ensure compliance with federal copyright laws.

Enterprise Project Management Services

IT provides project management for new or enhanced technologies.

Help Desk Services

The department provides online and telephone assistance to City staff on: desktop software applications and other centralized software applications (such as Microsoft Word, spreadsheet, database, presentation), electronic mail, and specialized applications. Also providing support for:

  • Desktop hardware
  • File server systems
  • Major system applications (i.e., financial, human resources/payroll, computerized records management system for both police and fire departments, and utilities department SCADA systems)
  • Peripherals
  • Remote access
  • Wireless

Infrastructure Design and Support

IT provides design and support of the centralized network that connects all city buildings via a wide-area network and leased digital connectivity.

PC Service and Replacement

The department provides coordination of repair and replacement of desktop workstations, printers and peripherals. The also provide on site support for desktop and telecommunications services.

Radio and Wireless Communications

The IT Department provides programming, training, and maintenance on 2-way radios, mobile telephones, and wireless data systems throughout the City.

Support for Legacy Systems

The department maintains support functions for legacy applications until enterprise solutions are developed.

Technology Planning Services

They assist City departments in developing proposals for information technology projects including:

  • Cost / benefit analyses
  • Develop service level agreements
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Implementation strategies
  • Requests for proposals
  • Risk analyses


The department is responsible for:

  • Cellular telephones
  • The City's internal telephone systems: outside telephone service for voice and data
  • Internet access
  • Long distance
  • Pagers

They also maintain the accounting system and processes for all telecommunications activities.


IT provides training for desktop software tools as well as project management.

Web Site and Intranet Support

The department maintains the City web presence and internal departmental pages.